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Answered Prayer Recordings

by Eric Webster Recording from Julia Cameron's wonderful book.

One of my all time favorite books.  Julia Cameron has created short, to the point, Letters from the Creator, to remind us of our connection.

I find them to be uplifting and helpful.

I've used segments of this book at weddings I've performed, at a graveside service for my brother-in-law, and whenever I give a talk, or teach a class, it is rare that I don't begin with a reading from this book.

 A year or so ago, as I was looking at projects I wanted to engage in, I was drawn to make these recordings.  I had (and still have) no idea why, but sometimes why doesn't matter.

It's been interesting, because since I started recording these, I've had multiple times where I was talking with a friend, or a client and have realized that sharing a recording (or three) might be very helpful to them... so I guess that is the reason I needed to record them.

It's pretty rare that I don't have 2 or 3 copies of this book in my office.  Seems that I have a tendency to give them away.

I hope you find some value in listening.  

Check back as it's time for me to add to the collection.