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The Virtual Gastric Band: Sustainable results without the pain, risk or cost of a surgical solution.

The Virtual Gastric Band: Sustainable results without the pain, risk or cost of a surgical solution.

As someone who has a great deal of personal experience
with being dramatically overweight,
I have special empathy and insight that when combined with the VGB protocol
are proving to be life changing for my clients.
— Eric Webster

The Virtual Gastric Band:

The Virtual Gastric Band is a powerful weight loss program, pioneered by my mentor and friend, Sheila Granger in the United Kingdom.

As the name suggests, the system utilizes the concept of a "virtual”  gastric band and clinical hypnotherapy. It successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within them to make changes to their lives. Many clients from all over the world have benefited from The Virtual Gastric Band.  In fact, clinical trials in the UK showed a 95% success rate.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of your mind to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.  It changes how you think about food and gives very safe, very predictable results. The suggestion is planted that convinces the brain that the stomach is full after an appropriate level of food is consumed.

It is most definitely NOT a diet-diets generally work only on the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band will enable you feel great with much smaller portions while at the same time, allowing you to eat what you want.  It’s not a diet so you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, the issues that often cause diets to fail.  The Virtual Gastric Band provides long term sustainable weight loss.

The bariatric medical procedures reduce the actual physical size of the stomach, but many times don't  deal with the mental and emotional connections that have contributed greatly to the situation.  Some patients still can achieve great weight loss results, at least for a time.  

The Virtual Gastric Band can be undertaken quickly and privately, without delays, waiting lists or insurance company approvals. As a non-surgical solution, the process is significantly more affordable, and does not carry the unavoidable risks of surgery or the disruption to your life and work that surgical recovery demands.

So many weight loss systems and 'treatments' deal only with the SYMPTOM of excess weight.  Utilizing the power of your mind, we go to the underlying causes and then reset your relationship with food and with eating.

Dysfunctional relationships with food and eating are the cause of numerous medical conditions that decrease the enjoyment and length of many lives.

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Montie and Paula: 
One couple shares their success stories

(photos and stories used with their permission)

Montie's Story

What caused you to consider a Virtual Gastric Band w/ Eric Webster?

Multiple dimensions to the "why" to be honest.  

I've always been big; "husky" clothes were the norm growing up.  There have been ups and downs over the years.  

I was never a proponent of diets, I would just watch what I ate and exercise like mad to lose weight.  I would maintain but over time the weight would go up.  

The biggest set back was from 2000-2002 when I had 8 knee surgeries.  I went up to 300 lbs and had fluctuated up and down between 280-300 lbs ever since.  

When my wife, Paula, told me about Eric and the Virtual Gastric Band, I was curious.  When I found out that I would be Eric's first client, I figured what the heck; I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I knew that I had reached a point where I had to do something, as I am approaching 50 years of age and I want to be there in the future years for my family.

What was your experience with the process?

The experience was enjoyable and thorough.  

I had the first session May 2nd, 2013.  Along with Paula, I had never been hypnotized before.  I found that Eric explained the process very well and I really enjoyed it.  My four sessions were spread over 9 weeks and I found each one had value for me for different reasons.  

There were two big changes for me as I have continued my journey: my relationship with food and why I overate.   My relationship with food has changed at a very fundamental level.  

The last 4 months have been the most stressful of my professional career.  The old Montie would have subsisted on chips  & cheese and six packs of beer.  Stress eating was very normal for me. 

I brought the desire to cut out beer with me into the first session and the desire and taste for beer was gone almost instantaneously.  While I may have glasses of wine every now and then, my stress eating has gone way, way down.  I don't need the food to help relieve the stress.  

In regards to why I over ate, the hypnosis and sessions with Eric really allowed me to go into myself, my soul.  I gave myself permission to accept who I am, who I was growing up, and the myriad of things that influenced my self image and self confidence over the years.  I am now at peace with myself.

How is your life different now?

Wow!  Hiking the Appalachian Trail, walking over 500 miles the last 10 months, being able to go places and do things that I only dreamed about.  My attitude toward life, my family and friends has improved.  

I am enjoying life and can't wait to see what my life journey holds in store for me.  

I won't say that it has all been roses; some days have certainly been better and easier then others, but 10 months into this journey, and I know in my inner most being that I have fundamentally changed and that my life will never be the same.

Would you recommend Eric to others?

I have, and continue, to promote and encourage anyone who asks about how I did lose the weight about Eric and the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis.  I keep several of Eric's card in my wallet at all times.

Paula's Story

What caused to you consider a Virtual Gastric Band?

I decided to do the virtual gastric band after seeing the incredible change it had made in my husband's life.   Not only was he losing weight, but more importantly, his attitude towards food was changing.   The change was so remarkable that I wanted to join him on the journey.

What was your experience with the process?

I had never been hypnotized before and wasn't sure what to expect at our first session but it was the most profound sense of relaxation that I had ever experienced.  I have a history of issues with my weight and food - ranging from being overweight to anorexic to maintaining to being overweight again.  What I've learned through this experience is that I've let "head hunger" dictate what I ate, why I ate and when I ate. Now, it's about eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full.

How is your life different now?

It has given me my life back.  I've had an image of the "real" Paula in my mind for years, but for whatever reason, have never gotten in touch with her.  I'm still a work in progress but every day I'm taking steps towards becoming the strong, confident, athletic, spiritually connected woman that I want to be.

Would you recommend Eric to others?

I would absolutely recommend Lifestyle Engineering with Eric to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.  The journey has not always been easy but I have never been happier, and losing weight, well that's just the icing on the cake.

Other Weight Loss
Client Testimonials

Just wanted to touch base with you. Everything is going well. The last session really eliminated the sweet/carb cravings completely. In fact I have to force myself to eat some complex carbs every day just to get some fiber. Also, my taste buds are changing and I am eating vegetables! My family and friends are shocked. I had to ask one of my friends I was eating lunch with to take a bite of my carrot and tell me if it was really a special carrot or not – it tasted so good. Weird! The weight is starting to come off – maybe 5 or 6 pounds so far.
— Karen, Muskegon MI
When it comes to “Work Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value, and Punctuality” Eric Webster represents each of them very well! There really isn’t much I can add.

Eric was always right on time. He was professional but had a way of making me feel right at home...which I was! He graciously consented to conducting diet hypnotherapy at my house as I am my husband’s full time care giver.

I was given the tools to continue my quest for health and wellness. I was made to realize that I can be the person I so wish to be. I have already made good strides in that direction!

I am very grateful for the time I had with Eric. It was time well spent.
— Wilna B, Hastings, MI