Success Stories

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Sugar No More, and More!


Hello again,

I just wanted to write to tell you how my "quantum leap" has been going. 

I'm extremely grateful for our time spent together.  I came a long way in a short time because you were able to put things so simply.  I definitely felt a shift in my energy as I left that day. 

The sugar, that was so hard to let go of, simply didn't bother me anymore.  It seemed so simple to make a different choice and be happy with myself for doing so.  I have noticed that the smell of sugar is quite strong to me and I notice immediately if it's nearby.  However, it's a strong smell that bothers me negatively.  I'm disgusted by it. 

I'm over 30 days without sugar.  Down five pounds on the scale, and it would probably be more, but I've been going to yoga so often that I'm building a lot of new muscle.  I go to yoga six days a week in the studio and practice at home seven days a week.  I go with my mom on Sundays and spend more time with my loved ones. 

My thoughts are more focused on the future and positive possibilities.  I'm truly grateful for the changes I've been going through.  I'm only improving myself.  I've inspired others to take care of themselves.  Three ladies have also started practicing better eating habits and a yoga practice.  That's what life is all about; sharing the kindness. 

Thank you for sharing yours! I will continue to update you along my journey and seek your help if ever I get "stuck" again. 

Many Blessings,

Northern Michigan




Exam Performance Client

I achieved my dream...

I recently had been in a struggle to make my dream life come true. I had finished nursing school in May and was unable to pass my state boards (NCLEX). I had attempted twice and failed both times. I was under lots of stress and had a loss of hope.

My mother had mentioned to possibly look into hypnosis. I was a skeptic by all means but I talked to Eric about my issue and we scheduled an appointment. I went to the appointment, while trying to be open minded I found myself not relaxing enough, by the end of the session I was completely relaxed.

I scheduled my test for about two weeks after my appointment with Eric. I listened to the support recording he gave me several times during those two weeks and once before going into the testing center. I felt like the most relaxed person in the center. 48 hours after I had tested, I had found out that I was now a registered nurse.

Finally, I achieved my dream. I cannot thank Eric enough. I am now a firm believer in hypnosis. I would recommend this to everyone, it can be for anything in your life (smoking cessation, weight loss, test anxiety, etc.)
— Janelle Brush, RN

Nail Biting Client

Nailed it!  ... and deeper changes too.

Thanks again Eric... tomorrow will be one month since my appointment with you trying to help me stop biting my nails. I am pleased to report I haven’t bitten them since and the help you gave me with my self esteem issues have clearly changed my thought process.

I have never been so pleased to look in the mirror and know that I deserve to be treated the way I treat others. I have always given way more than I felt I deserved and now I feel I’m deserving of the same.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Jeff Mohr

Akashic Record Clients

Working with you in the Akashic Records has been nothing short of life changing.
The way that you present information resonates so well with me. Your gentle grounded-ness and matter-of-fact approach brings into focus for me concepts and information that would otherwise seem otherworldly and mystical. You have offered me priceless words of encouragement and a firm but gentle nudge when needed. Your truthful guidance has been integral to the process of me finding my path and walking it one step at a time. I am so grateful to have your wisdom and experience to support me as I make my way in the world!
— Brian Relph, Asheville, NC
Just want to let everyone know that I had the great privilege of having one of Eric Webster’s Akashic Record Readings and it was off-the-charts. There were several lovely surprises, a good deal of laughter, many wise insights, but most of all, enormous confirmation that my own intuition is (and has been) spot on around 96-98% of the time. I can hardly wait to hear the recording of it so that the depth of the insights land even more soundly. I recommend a reading with Eric heartily and without reservation!
— Gaelyn Larrick, Bali, Indonesia
Experienced a wonderful Akashic Reading session with Eric Webster that was very healing for my heart.♡ Eric has an intuitive gift and is very insightful. ♡
During our session, Eric helped me identify and release beliefs that were weighing me down. Now, I am feeling freer and more clear as I step into the field of intentionality and infinite possibilities for my life!♡
Thank you, Eric! ☆♡☆
I highly recommend scheduling an Akashic Reading session with Eric Webster.
— Stephanie Begin Vitug
Thank you Eric for my Akashic record reading. It was a wonderful connection with Spirit. I appreciate your willingness to serve and be a conduit for what I needed to know. Would I ever do this again? Yes. You gave me insights that were relevant to me and the moment, thank you.
— Karen W.
I just had my first ever Akashic Record reading and am so thrilled that Eric was the channel for the record keepers! I will definitely be returning for more services. Lifestyle Engineering is definitely an understatement, Eric doesn’t just heal you, he provides the tools and knowledge that empowers you to heal yourself, Please, if you’ve not tried any of Eric’s services, do it and you’ll not be sorry!
— Aiden Grossheider